Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, affording spectacular views in all directions, Muchichili has all the facilities of a luxury safari lodge but is rented out primarily on a self-catering basis (i.e. bring your own food and drinks). For international clients and on request we can provide a fully catered service. We are passionate about responsible tourism and have a policy of supporting and assisting the local communities in which we operate. We work closely with our neighbours in Chiawa and Kalipano village and have provided them with several boreholes and pumps to improve their access to fresh water. We are proud sponsors of an orphaned elephant found on the island in front of the property, and consequently named Muchichili, who is cared for at the Elephant Orphanage Project in the Kafue National Park.

Our logo represents the symbiotic relationship between man and the environment: the Muchichili tree (Natal Mahogany), beautiful specimens of which flank the house on the banks of the Zambezi River; the tree trunk is illustrated using the Chinese character ‘Ren’ which means People or Life reflecting our commitment to the local communities and the blue waters of the River Zambezi flow behind.